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Using AE to help decorate.

We use a huge roll of 100% recycled butcher paper to wrap our presents, or use reusable advent bags we made to stick smaller gifts in.

You can use ribbon, or in our case, some AE items to decorate in eco-perfection


Trying out our new soy paints and getting ready for our reopening in a week.


grandpa's camera

Tomorrow we’re having a huge sale on 

You can buy $21 store vouchers for $10! That’s a 55% saving!! 

Go VIP and get $31 vouchers for $10! 

VIP’s have access today and tomorrow, but the sale is open to all at Midnight tonight.

I’ve already had quite a bit of sales, and we can’t offer endless vouchers so the sale is only 24 hours.

So tell your friends, tell your mamma, tell your friend’s mamma, but hurry! 


Hello all, 

I am looking for items in the following categories to promote in ae’s first holiday wish list magazine. 




fashionable (or modern)

tech lover





book worm


generic gifts (gifts that can be great for anyone, coworker, teacher, etc. don’t worry that’s not what the category is going to be called)

The magazine will be free, digital, and can be shared with your friends and family, fans follwers, etc. It will be published on

If you would like to be a part of my little project please send me a message with a link to the item you would like to promote, and what category it should go into. 

each item will be listed in the magazine as a picture with the name of the product, the full site address and price below it.

Please do so quickly! I would like to get this magazine out by the first weekend of November so please no entries later than the 31st

Thank you



Want a $50 gift certificate to Alphabet Emporium? The ever beautiful Annie from Chapters of our life is holding a contest right now where you can win just that.


Today I have a special treat for you.

Candice from the ever popular and super cute Candiware Jewelry has agreed to do a tutorial!


Today she’s going to teach you how to make super cute doughnuts.

I’m not a clay girl (mostly because I seriously suck), but if you’re not afraid to try, or are really in love with the beautiful world of minatures, this entry is definitely for you.

I watched the turorial and still can’t wrap my head around making anything so tiny! 

I think I’ll leave the tiny food for the pros and just buy my tiny teapots

If you’d love to know more about Candice you can follow her blog here on tumblr

or here on blogger both are great.

Enough talk! Get your clay and hop to it! 


will be the theme of our next big felt set. yay! 

revising the fall/winter catalog. Had to share

revising the fall/winter catalog. Had to share


New in our store


Digital Gift Certificates. $15-$100

Because no one wants to give “that” gift.