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Today I have a special treat for you.

Candice from the ever popular and super cute Candiware Jewelry has agreed to do a tutorial!


Today she’s going to teach you how to make super cute doughnuts.

I’m not a clay girl (mostly because I seriously suck), but if you’re not afraid to try, or are really in love with the beautiful world of minatures, this entry is definitely for you.

I watched the turorial and still can’t wrap my head around making anything so tiny! 

I think I’ll leave the tiny food for the pros and just buy my tiny teapots

If you’d love to know more about Candice you can follow her blog here on tumblr

or here on blogger both are great.

Enough talk! Get your clay and hop to it! 


The headpieces by Arturo Rios are phenomenal in a way I can’t put words to. Each one is a unique piece of art. 


did I say I wanted to be a gang member from clock work orange for halloween? No, no I’m pretty sure I said I wanted this adult version of princess tiana’s dress by neverbugcreations